Laura Gómez


Actress / Writer / Director / VO

Laura's Bio

Even though I’m mostly known for my acting work, my inclinations expand to the art of Storytelling through writing and directing. I usually write stories with which I identify as a Caribbean woman -whose base for twenty years was between New York and Santo Domingo- and as a human being.

In this section, I’m sharing one of my facets as writer/director, and some of my VO work.

Laura's Filmography


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Short Films

To Kill a Roach

Writer / Director

Alicia just had a bad breakup. When a cockroach invades her kitchen, she is forced to confront her fears and insecurities, and deal with unexpected visitors, while finding the strength to face her feelings under unlikely, yet amusing circumstances.


Writer / Director

Natalia and Rob go out on what seems like a perfect date. They’re pretty much a match made in heaven, until they encounter a major obstacle in their opposing religious views. Hallelujah touches upon faith and religion, and their incidence in human choices in those life defining moments, like the search for love.

The Iron Warehouse


For a widowed iron worker and her daughter, the cost of freedom came at a high price. They promised to never forget, but was it worth the sacrifice?

Voice Over

CoverGirl VO

Voice over demo