Laura Gómez

About me

My name is Laura, and although you probably know me as an actress, I am here presenting other sides of myself, such as writer, podcaster, VO artist and filmmaker.

I started my journey as a young reporter for a local newspaper in Dominican Republic. In my teenage years, I worked at a radio station, and at 17 I had my theater debut at the National Theatre. I then studied Advertising, and in 2001, I moved to New York City, where I trained professionally as an actor.

In the Big Apple, I worked as a secretary at a lawyer’s office, as a translator for Examinations Before Trials in the Bronx and Manhattan courts, as a salesperson in a clothing store, and eventually as a proofreader and translator at an ad agency. I used each one of these jobs as a source of income while pursuing my acting career.

In 2007, I became a member of Spanish Repertory Theater, where I worked in plays like Doña Flor and her Two Husbands, The House of the Spirits, Blood Wedding, The House of Bernarda Alba, among others, and then one day I got a grant from the Carolina foundation in Spain with a screenplay I wrote, patiently devoted to it, seated for a whole month at a nearby Cafe. eventually leaving my translating job to enroll in a Cinematography intensive course at NYU, where I had the opportunity to write, direct, produce and star in my first short film as filmmaker, To Kill a Roach, until a great break came in the form of the iconic character of Blanca Flores in Orange is the New Black

I am now in a facet of creation and reinvention, hoping to find a community where we can walk this unpredictable yet exciting journey that is life.

Welcome to this space, where I will be sharing the most personal side of Laura Gómez!